How do I get a judicial bypass for abortion?


  1. Call our hotline (1-866-999-5263) to find an abortion clinic in Texas and to complete a short, confidential intake form (and have any of your questions answered!)
  2. Make an appointment to complete pregnancy options counseling and get your sonogram at an abortion clinic in your area. At this time, you may also want to make the appointment for your abortion, since appointments fill up quickly. If you have to cancel, that is OK. (Be sure to call us for a clinic referral or to make an appointment at one of the abortion clinics listed on our Find a Clinic page—all other clinics DO NOT OFFER ABORTION SERVICES and you will have to re-do your counseling and sonogram at the clinic where you will have your abortion).
  3. Call us back after your appointment, and make sure to keep all of the materials from the appointment in a safe place.
  4. We will now assign an attorney to you or show you how to file a waiver for an attorney, depending on your county. (There are no attorney or court fees – the process is free.)
  5. Your lawyer will contact you to discuss your case and set up a time to go to court together. She/he will now file your application for judicial bypass.
  6. You and your lawyer will meet privately with the judge and you will need to prove to the judge that you meet AT LEAST one of these two grounds to receive a judicial bypass for abortion:
  • You are mature enough to have an abortion without a parent or guardian being involved and that you are well-informed of all of your pregnancy options
  • It is not in your best interests for your parent or guardian to be notified of your pregnancy and/or your decision to have an abortion (this could mean that your parent won’t consent, you fear abuse if you were to tell them, etc.)

From when you file the paperwork, the judge has five business days to hear your case and make a decision. If your application for judicial bypass is approved, you can bring it to the abortion clinic to have your abortion. If it is disapproved, your lawyer will discuss with you your appeal options.

If you live in Louisiana or need to get your abortion in Louisiana, visit the Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project to get help. If you live in another state besides Texas, call or text our hotline at 866-999-5263 for referrals to resources in your state. 





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