Becoming a Local Repro Kit Pickup Spot

If you’re interested in having your business in Bryan, College Station, Lubbock, or San Angelo become a pickup location for JDP’s repro kits please fill out this brief form and our program manager will reach out to you shortly! 

We are always looking for teen-friendly businesses that share reproductive justice values in all four cities (Bryan, College Station, Lubbock and San Angelo)! However, we do have some priority areas:

  • Central or north Lubbock
  • Bryan
  • College Station

If you’re interested please fill out this brief form and our program manager will reach out to you shortly! If you’d like to learn more about the history of the repro kit program, click here

Common questions:

Q: Is it illegal to give out plan b/emergency contraceptives after the overturning of Roe v. Wade?

A: Nope! Plan B or any other type of emergency contraceptive is not an abortion pill. Emergency contraceptives, like the brand name ‘Plan B’ are over-the-counter medications that anyone can purchase and distribute for free. And there’s no age requirement! Minors can buy condoms & emergency contraception online or at a drugstore or pharmacy in Texas without an ID.

Q: I don’t want a lot of publicity about being a pickup spot, is that ok?

A: Absolutely! Your comfort level and boundaries are important to us. Some businesses have chosen to share on their social media accounts about the resources they provide to the community; while others have preferred to only share this information with the texter/requester of the kit themselves. Either option or somewhere in-between is ok! We only share the availability of repro kits publicly with your permission.

Q: Where is the best place to leave the kits?

A: That’s up to you! Some businesses choose to leave them in the bathroom and some leave them near the entrance. Our only ask is that you have them in an area where people can grab them freely. It may deter some folks if they have to ask for a kit from someone, so we want to make this as comfortable and easy as possible!

Q: What happens if my business experiences harassment as a result of being a pickup location for the repro kits?

A: Jane’s Due Process is here to support you. If you are receiving threats or being harassed our program manager and legal director are here to provide assistance. We are happy to be a resource for local media on how the repro-kit program works and the importance of access to these resources.