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Youth Advocacy

Supporting Young People 

Jane’s Due Process Youth Advocacy Fellows are young people who have gone through the judicial bypass process or traveled out of state to receive an abortion with our support. This program aims to help former Jane’s Due Process clients become part of the fight for teens’ reproductive rights. Fellows share their expertise to change the way the public thinks about abortion, especially how young people are impacted by abortion stigma and restrictions.

Our program builds the leadership of former clients by giving them various life skills training and furthering their involvement in storytelling, youth reproductive rights, abortion funds advocacy, and much more.

Our fellows have been at the forefront of fighting abortion bans in the state and fighting for meaningful legislation for young people. Together, our first cohort advocated for the filing of the My Body, My Future Act, a bill that would fully repeal parental consent for birth control in Texas. When the 6-week abortion ban, SB 8, became law, our fellows traveled to Washington, D.C., to demand that Congress and the President take action.

We’re proud that our fellows have testified in front of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, have been fact witnesses for parental involvement lawsuits, have served on non-profit boards, have been featured on podcasts, and so much more!

Our Second Cohort 

After a successful first cohort, our second cohort launched in May 2023.

Our second cohort has fought for Texas teens in new and meaningful ways. They have traveled across the state to share their stories, fought for important legislation, and assembled countless reproductive health kits for Texas teens.

Together, they have educated people on the importance of centering young people’s experiences. You can find them alongside our friends at Lilith Fund on their Gaslit podcast and the Guerreras Podcast.

An essential piece of our cohort is ensuring our youth fellows learn about advocacy from organizers leading the work. In 2023, we traveled to El Paso, Texas, to build meaningful relationships with West Texas organizers and to learn about how abortion restrictions and the lack of sex education impact every Texan in different and harmful ways.

We’re incredibly proud of our youth fellows and will continue to center young people’s voices so their needs are heard and valued. Check out how they empowered change in 2023.

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Advocacy Team 

Our youth advocacy team leads community events to educate Jane’s Due Process supporters about our work and engage them in action.

Together, we host exciting abortion-positive events, lead advocacy workshops, present at conferences, and sit in working groups to ensure the representation of young people’s reproductive rights.

In Community 

Our advocacy team is leading the way at the state and local levels, including passing the Reproductive Justice Fund through the city of San Antonio with our partners

Our team offers a range of learning opportunities, from teaching young people advocacy skills to writing op-eds and speaking to local and state officials about issues that matter to them. We also provide a safe space for young people to learn about reproductive rights, sexual health, and access to abortion as a young person.

Why Partner with Jane’s Due Process?

  • The chance to develop and facilitate programs or events will empower young people to get involved in their communities.
  • The opportunity to provide accurate and judgment-free sexual health and abortion information.
  • Empowering young people to know the laws impacting them and how they can access essential reproductive healthcare and abortion care.

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