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When Abortion Meets Immigration: How I Help The Undocumented Obtain An Abortion

Jane’s Due Process client services manager Irma Garcia writes about what it means to help undocumented teens access abortion.

August 2020

How Teens Can Get Birth Control Without Their Parents Finding Out—Even in a Pandemic

Jane’s Due Process helps teens in Texas and beyond access birth control, STI testing and treatment, and other family planning services.

Rewire, August 2020

4 People Fighting to Save Abortion Access in Texas Explain What's At Stake

“The potential impact of this ban was even worse for teens than it was for adults.” – Rosann Mariappuram, Executive Director, Jane’s Due Process

SELF Magazin, June 2020

Austin Approves Contract to Assist Women Seeking Abortions

During their meeting on Thursday, the Austin City Council unanimously approved a $150,000 contract for Jane’s Due Process, an organization that assists pregnant minors in obtaining abortions.

The Texan, June 2020

On TikTok, Gen Z Takes on Trump—and Abortion Lies

Young people on TikTok are creating videos to offer a glimpse of their struggles and opinions with videos that discuss abortion, mental illness, or their political beliefs.

Rewire, June 2020

I went to Christian summer camp and left an abortion activist

I was 17, I needed an abortion in Dallas, and I didn’t have the consent of my parents. I knew for sure that I wanted an abortion, but I didn’t know how to access care.

Rewire, May 2020

This Is How Texas’ COVID-19 Abortion Ban Uniquely Burdens Teens

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips our country and world, elected officials in Texas and across the country are using the crisis to further their anti-abortion agenda. 

Rewire, April 2020

Reproductive Justice Advocates Speak: 'We Must Fight for a Future that Includes All of Us'

Jane’s Due Process executive director Rosann Mariappuram and four other reproductive justice leaders break down how we can bring comprehensive and affordable abortion care to the most marginalized among us.

Colorlines, January 2020

Judges deny abortion care to teens

Minors seeking abortions without notifying their parents in states that require it are denied by judges as much as 13% of the time, suggests a new CU Boulder-led study published Jan. 16 in the American Journal of Public Health.

CU Boulder Today, January 2020

Jane's Due Process deploys text hotline in its work on reproductive rights

Texas-basd non-profit uses technology from Smooch to get difficult conversations started with pregnant teens in ways that feel familiar and comfortable to them. 

Diginomica, February 2019