Teen Pregnancy Adoption Help

If you have your baby and give the baby up for adoption, you give up all of your parental rights to someone else.

Only you can decide to give your baby up for adoption. You CANNOT be forced by your parents, the baby’s father, or anyone else to place your baby up for adoption.

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption

You may have heard the terms “open adoption” and “closed adoption.”

In open adoption, you pick who adopts your baby. You know who they are and they know who you are. Usually, you stay in contact with the adoptive family and the child. The exact amount and type of contact is worked out between you and the adoptive parents, but the adoptive parents have the final say.

In closed adoption, you do not know who the adoptive parents are and they do not know who you are.

Neither type of adoption is necessarily better or worse than the other. You will have to decide which is best for you given your individual situation.

If you are considering adoption, there are organizations that can provide you with more information and connect you with adoption agencies and potential adoptive parents:

Statewide Organizations

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

  • 1-800-233-3405
  • For information on private adoption agencies in Texas.

Texas Youth Hotline

  • 1-800-210-2278 (toll-free hotline)
  • Offers information about teen maternity services around the state.


National Organizations


  • Find agencies, attorneys, and adoption professional in your state.
  • View profiles of prospective adoptive parents.

National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

  • 1-800-251-0075
  • Website contains several links to other sites to provide a comprehensive resource on all aspects of adoption.


If you are a pregnant minor in Texas, Jane’s Due Process is here to help you understand and exercise your legal rights. You are not alone. CALL Jane’s Due Process’ Legal Hotline: 1-866-WWW-JANE or 1-866-999-5263. Or TEXT to 512-270-7190.