Talking to Your Parents About Abortion

Telling your parents about an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. Telling them that you have decided you want an abortion is sometimes even scarier. However, most parents will want to be there to support you. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and an abortion can be easier with a support network, and parents can often be an important part of that support network. If you want help planning a conversation with your parents, see our tips here, or read this advice from the Abortion Care Network.

We understand that not every parent is able to be supportive, and that not every person has a parent they can tell. Sometimes you may feel better telling your parents if you know that no matter what their reaction is, you can still get an abortion, or maybe you would rather tell them after you have the abortion. If that is your situation, you can get permission from a judge to consent to your own abortion. This is called judicial bypass. Learn more about judicial bypass here.

Some groups in Texas offer free family counseling for teens & their parents. This can be a good resource if you are having a conflict with your family related to an unplanned pregnancy or an abortion. You can find a list of the organizations that provide free family counseling here. You can call or text our hotline at 866-999-5263 for a referral in your area.