What is Judicial Bypass for Abortions?


A judicial bypass for abortion is an order from a judge that allows a minor to get an abortion without the notification or consent of her parents. If you would like to get a judicial bypass for an abortion, you must prove to the judge that you are mature and well-informed enough to consent to your own abortion, OR that it is not in your best interest to involve your parents.

If you think a judicial bypass is the best option for you, you can call our 24/7 hotline at 866-999-5263. We will match you with an attorney trained in judicial bypass cases who will help you for free. If you need help thinking about how to tell your parents about your decision to have an abortion, you can find advice on our blog.

The judicial bypass hearing is completely confidential. This means that no one will know your name, what you say during the hearing, or even that you filed an application.

You must file your application in your county of residence, unless you live in a county smaller than 10,000 people or your parent is a judge. Our attorneys will help you fill out the paperwork and take it to the courthouse. Once your application is filed, a judge must meet with you within 5 business days.

On average, it takes about a week to schedule an ultrasound appointment, a week to get the bypass, and another week to get the abortion. You can make the judicial bypass process move faster by calling our hotline at 866-999-5263 and filling out an intake form as soon as possible, then calling your nearest clinic and scheduling the soonest ultrasound appointment they have available.