Judicial Bypass Forms

Judicial bypass can be difficult to navigate without an attorney. We offer trained attorneys who can help you, for free, with your judicial bypass case. They will help you fill out the paperwork. You can call our hotline at 866-999-5263 to be assigned an attorney to help you with the judicial bypass case at no cost.

If you prefer to apply for the judicial bypass without the help of one of our referral attorneys, you will need to fill out these forms and file them at the District Clerk’s office in your county of residence in Texas.* There are no court fees to file the form. If you would like assistance, we will provide you with an attorney, free of cost, who will obtain these forms for you and help you fill them out.

If you are an attorney or a clerk, please click here to access the rules and forms for the judicial bypass. These same forms are available in Spanish here. We recommend that clerks keep the instructions, application, and verification forms at their front desk should a “Jane” seek help without counsel. Your judge will want the fee order forms to complete the case. If you have any questions, please call our admin line at (512) 444-7891 or our hotline at 1-866-999-5263.

*There is an exception to the venue restriction if you live in a county with fewer than 10,000 residents or if your parent is a district judge. In these cases, you can file in a neighboring county or in the county where you will be obtaining the abortion. You can call the hotline at 866-999-5263 for more information about where you can file.


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