Our 2023 Legislative Priorities

Texas legislative session is known for constant attacks on reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights. But it also gives us a chance to fight back and present a proactive vision for the state we want to live in. Jane’s Due Process is showing up for the 2023 legislative session ready to fight for youth reproductive rights, expand access to reproductive healthcare, and protect LGBTQ+ youth from bigoted attacks.

During the 2023 Texas legislative session, Jane’s Due Process is focusing on priorities chosen by our youth fellows:

  • The My Body, My Future Act, a bill to fully repeal the parental consent requirement for minor birth control access
  • Rosie’s Law, a bill to provide state insurance coverage of abortion in Texas
  • Repeal abortion bans and restore abortion access to Texas, including removing the parental consent requirement for abortion care
  • Menstrual equity
  • LGBTQ+ rights

Our youth fellows will advocate for the passage of the My Body, My Future Act and other proactive reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights bills throughout the session. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade and the recent ruling barring Texas Title X providers from giving prescription birth control to minors, showing up at the Texas lege is more urgent than ever before.

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