I’m Blake Rocap, legal director at Jane’s Due Process. Jane’s Due Process supports volunteer lawyers all across the state to ensure that if a young person makes the decision to get an abortion, and they need a judicial bypass, there is an attorney in their community ready and able to help them, and it’s my job to ensure that our network of attorneys have what they need to fight for our Janes.

These attorneys may only represent a client in a bypass case once or twice a year and I’m available to walk them through the process, help prepare their case, and assist them with any questions they have or issues that come up in the course of their representation. In addition to directly helping our volunteer attorneys I often provide resources and suggestions to the county clerks and judicial staff who also must process these cases according to rules and procedures they may be unfamiliar with, and I am on hand to call Title X providers when they aren’t familiar with the law that allows them to provide birth control to minors, too.

While the Texas Legislature continues to make abortion access more difficult and specifically more difficult for young people, we have redoubled our efforts to make sure that youth in every part of Texas have access to the information they need and well-trained competent lawyers. To that end Jane’s Due Process offers our online CLE program and live CLE presentations across the state. It is my goal to present our CLE in every city with a law school on a three-year schedule so no student graduates from a Texas law school without having the opportunity to attend a CLE on judicial bypass. Interested in CLE or becoming an attorney with us? Click here.

I can’t imagine being 16 and trying to navigate the legal system by myself. That’s why I am so moved by the work I get to do at Jane’s Due Process. Our network of lawyers is the best line of defense for Texas youth when it comes to exercising their reproductive rights, and I’m honored that I get to go to bat for our clients every day.

A Jane’s Due Process client talking about their experience with their attorney.