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It’s been a busy six months, and Jane’s Due Process’s advocacy team has been working tirelessly to ensure that Texas teens have knowledge and resources on all things reproductive justice! We’re thrilled to share some of our most exciting highlights and accomplishments from the past half-year.

Making Our Voices Heard In Media

Two of our amazing youth fellows, Brenda and Serena, recently took the spotlight on the Guerreras Podcast. They shared their experiences accessing abortions through judicial bypass before the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, how much the landscape of abortion access has changed since then, and what Latina Texas teens are doing to fight back!

Youth fellows Ke’Asia and Serena joined our client services manager Irma to talk with our friends at Lilith Fund on their Gaslit podcast. Here they discussed the intricacies of the current state of youth abortion access in Texas. They spoke about the real-world impact caused by harmful bans and the additional barriers that youth experience when accessing abortion.

Reproaction highlighted our Youth Fellow, Ke’Asia in an activist interview. She told her abortion story and talked about why she got involved in this work and what keeps her so dedicated as she passionately advocates for youth abortion access.

Education, Outreach & Building Community In the Lone Star State

Our youth fellow coordinator HK and legal fellow, Lisley presented “Youth Abortion Access Today” at Collin County College in Mckinney. Their informative discussion educated students and faculty alike, fostering a better understanding of the challenges faced by young people seeking abortion care.

Ariana, our youth advocacy and community engagement manager, along with our youth fellow Brenda, had a fantastic time tabling at the Planned Parenthood of South Texas annual luncheon. They engaged with the community, shared information about JDP, and continued to build relationships with grassroots organizers.

We are so Proud

The Jane’s Due Process advocacy team’s dedication and hard work over the last six months have truly made a difference in the fight for reproductive justice. Their appearances on podcasts, interviews, and presentations at educational institutions have amplified our message and contributed to our fight for Texas teens’ reproductive rights!

We’re incredibly proud of our youth fellows who continue to elevate the conversation surrounding youth abortion access. Remember to follow us on social media @janesdueprocess on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected to our advocacy efforts. Your support and involvement are vital for us to continue fighting for reproductive freedom for everyone.