Where can I learn more about abortion?


  • Planned Parenthood: Find information specifically for teens about birth control, sex, pregnancy options, relationships, STIs, and more.
  • National Abortion Federation: Information about pregnancy options, what to expect before and after your abortion, help finding an abortion provider, and myths and facts about abortion.
  • My Sistahs: Learn about HIV/AIDS, STIs, birth control, abortion, sexual violence, and healthy relationships from young women of color.
  • Yo Soy: National campaign to end the stigma and silence around sex education, birth control, abortion, & young parenting within the Latina/o community.
  • Guttmacher: Learn the cold, hard facts about the safety of abortion, abortion laws in each state, abortion incidence, etc.
  • UCSF: Learn about your abortion options and how they differ (surgical abortion vs. abortion with pills).
  • Scarleteen: This article breaks down different abortion options. They also great posts on early pregnancy symptoms (and what else might cause them) and pregnancy scares.

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