With September 1st looming before us, the ability to access an abortion definitely feels dire in the state of Texas. Especially if you are on TikTok or Twitter. However, it’s important to know that abortion funds (like Jane’s Due Process) and abortion clinics have been preparing for this exact moment. We are ready. We also have the resources to support you or someone you love who might need an abortion during this time. 

Trust us. We got you. 

Let’s unpack SB 8 (aka the 6 week abortion law)

SB 8 is a law that restricts access to abortion after 6 weeks gestation. However, this law is NOT enforced by the State of Texas. This means, hypothetically, if a person were to get get an abortion after 6 weeks, they will not be criminalized by the state of Texas nor will this law be enforced by the state of Texas.

So… who’s in charge of enforcing this abortion restriction? The public. Every day people are in charge of enforcing this law. The public has the option to enforce this law by suing people and organizations for no less than $10,000 (with no upper limit) whom they suspect helped with getting an abortion after 6 weeks in Texas. People seeking abortion cannot be sued. 

The purpose behind this law is to scare people into thinking that they cannot get an abortion. And, bankrupting abortion clinics and abortion funds in civil lawsuits. Their goal is to force Jane’s Due Process and our partners in this work to close. 

The non-negotiables around talking about SB 8 on the internet (or IRL)

While this law is downright infuriating. This is not the moment to be hyperbolic on the internet. Yes, we can be mad. It’s downright infuriating how this unjust law will disproportionately impact Black and brown communities. But, we need to make sure that people also know there is hope. There are 9 abortion funds in Texas and several national abortion funds that are able to help Texans who need an abortion right now

It’s important to include resources in the comment section of any TikToks about SB 8, angry tweet threads you write on the topic, and captions/comments in any Instagram posts you come across.

Misinformation (and clout chasing) is real. And, expressing anger about these laws without providing resources can harm the lives of people who may not know that resources exist to support them. So, we need your help to make sure that everyone on the internet and in Texas know that abortion is still legal and that we are available on our 24/7 hotline for anyone in Texas that needs support. 

Also, please refrain from making references to The Handmaid’s Tale creating “The Auntie Network” or a “Pink Railroad.” 

The Handmaid’s Tale is fiction. It’s hurtful to reduce someone’s actual lived experience to a fictional show. And, any references to making an “Auntie Network” or any type of reference to needing an “Underground Railroad.” These types of references are racist and hurtful to Black people. 

What can you do to support abortion access:

  • Share accurate TX abortion resources on social media. 
  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor in your local newspaper.
  • Call your U.S. congressperson and demand they take action to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.
  • Sign up to volunteer with your local abortion fund 
  • Donate! This law was designed with the intention to make abortion funds and clinics go bankrupt and to isolate people from resources that can help them exercise bodily autonomy. 

Blog posts & resources:

  • Jane’s Due Process 24/7 Hotline & Textline: 866-9995263