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What a challenging year it has been for the cause of keeping abortions safe and legal in Texas. After passing a draconian law in 2013 that shuttered more than half of the state’s abortion clinics, lawmakers this year turned on vulnerable pregnant teens, many of them victims of abuse and neglect. Texas’ new judicial bypass law, which takes effect January 1, makes our judicial bypass process for pregnant minors the most onerous in the country. It includes several provisions that could act as an end-all barrier to a teen accessing the courts when her parent cannot be found or safely notified of an unplanned pregnancy. Rest assured, we’re only working harder now.

While the legislature may not grasp how critical a judicial bypass option is for certain minors, we know all too well of its importance. We remain the only organization in Texas to serve these young women, advocating ceaselessly for their safety and reproductive autonomy. You can learn more about the teens we serve by reading their stories on our Stories from Jane blog.

They call us daily on our 24/7 legal hotline seeking help with legal questions about emancipation, access to confidential family planning services, where to find the closest clinic, and the judicial bypass process. No matter how fierce the opposition, we’re buckling down and redoubling our efforts to ensure free, unbiased legal representation for pregnant teens in Texas. Will you join us by donating today?

Many of our clients live in broken homes. Our hearts ache for them. We pledge to continue empowering young women who struggle with harrowing circumstances each and every day. This holiday season, we ask that you do the same.


Tina Hester
Executive Director

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