By Veronika Granado, Peer Support Leader at Jane’s Due Process 

If you are a teen and feel alone in your decision to get an abortion, try listening to the following podcasts. These stories can help remind you that you are brave, responsible, and mature enough to decide to have an abortion without permission from a parent or legal guardian. 

1.“How to Pay For an Abortion” by Unladylike. In this episode, a young woman named Amy got pregnant at 16 by her uncle who was sexually abusive. When Amy realized she was pregnant, she decided to get an abortion. Amy had support from her close friends who helped her raise money to pay for her abortion. This episode is important because it highlights why some teens are unable to tell their parents about wanting an abortion. And, how being forced to include a parent or legal guardian can put a young person at greater risk for abuse.

2. “Welcome to Abortion Court” by Choice/Less. This episode opens with a retired judge from Cook County in Illinois who talks about the different types of questions that minors are asked during a judicial bypass hearing. This episode is important because it portrays a real-life experience that many teens go through. It shows how unnecessary and stigmatizing the judicial bypass process is for teens seeking an abortion in states with parental involvement laws.

3. “Entry 114” by The Abortion Diary. In this episode, a young woman shares her story about getting pregnant, experiencing reproductive coercion from her romantic partner, and surviving an abusive relationship. She was able to have an abortion without involving her parents and was able to make that decision on her own, without a judge or parent. She also shares that she did not regret having an abortion and that her future would have been way different if she carried the pregnancy to term. This episode also highlights how having a child with an abusive partner can make it more difficult for a survivor to leave an abusive relationship.


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