As of today, September 23rd, the extreme Texas abortion ban has been in effect for 23 days. Jane’s Due Process continues to answer our live hotline and text lines, providing information and support to young people in Texas seeking access to abortion and birth control. And while we await a hearing on October 1st to determine whether the law will continue to be in effect while the federal lawsuit moves forward, you might be wondering what you can do in this moment to show up for abortion access in Texas and beyond.

Next week Jane’s Due Process is joining up with reproductive health, rights, and justice organizers from across the country in DC to ask Congress to take action. We need your help. There are currently three bills we’d like for the United States Congress to pass and for Biden to sign. They are:

The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) would create federal statute affirming that people in every state have the right to provide and receive abortion care without medically unnecessary restrictions. If passed, WHPA would remove barriers to access including mandatory waiting periods, biased counseling, and forced ultrasounds — all of which have been in place in Texas for years before this 6-week ban was put into place.

The EACH Act would remove the restrictions put in place by the Hyde Amendment and provide federal insurance coverage of abortion. It would also block states from enacting laws restricting private insurance coverage of abortion — something that was passed in Texas in 2017. Affirming the right to access abortion is essential, but it doesn’t mean anything without ensuring that everyone has the resources to obtain an abortion. The EACH Act addresses economic inequality in abortion access.

The HEAL Act for Immigrant Families removes restrictions that keep immigrants from accessing insurance coverage. Outdated rules prevent documented immigrants from accessing Medicaid or CHIP, despite otherwise being eligible, and undocumented immigrants are unjustly blocked from purchasing insurance coverage through Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges. This bill would remove these restrictions, improving access to healthcare — including reproductive healthcare — for immigrants.

Last week in a bold move, the US House of Representatives passed the Women’s Health Protection Act — and now it’s the Senate’s job to pass the bill. Right now, you can take action by calling your Senator and telling them that you would like for them to vote YES on the Women’s Health Protection Act. While on the phone, also encourage them to pass the EACH Act and HEAL for Immigrant Families Act. Together, these bills will help expand not only abortion rights and access, but a range of reproductive care. Reproductive freedom is fundamental to justice — and we cannot achieve true justice without ensuring that everyone has what they need to access care. Abortion bans and bans on insurance coverage are white supremacy in action. Let’s get Congress to do the right thing and pass these bills.

Click here to find out who your US Senator is (remember — this is federal, not state).

And check out this short script if you find it useful when making your calls: 

Hi. My name is __________________________________ and I live in your district. I am calling to urge you to vote YES on the Women’s Health Protection Act. I want you to take this action to stop extreme abortion bans and restrictions. Abortion is a right that should be afforded to every pregnant person. To that end, I also urge you to support the EACH Act to provide insurance coverage of abortion, and I also urge you to support the HEAL Act for Immigrant Families. Everyone, regardless of circumstance, deserves the ability to access abortion, reproductive healthcare, and all kinds of healthcare. Again, vote YES on the Women’s Health Protection Act, and support both the EACH Act and the HEAL for Immigrant Families Act. Thank you.