HB 1171 — a bill that would allow a court to appoint an attorney or guardian ad litem for the fetus in judicial bypass proceedings — has been scheduled to be heard on the Texas House floor. HB 1171 is an egregious politicization of a legal process that is already stigmatizing for minors. It turns a confidential, private hearing into an adversarial one. HB 1171 creates an unconstitutional barrier to abortion care for the most vulnerable young people in Texas.

Click here to learn more about judicial bypass.

Parental involvement laws disproportionately impact Texas’ most marginalized youth, including young people of color, young people experiencing homelessness, young people in foster care, immigrant youth, and LGBTQ+ youth. This bill seeks to make the judicial bypass process even more difficult and traumatic. Young people in Texas must be able to access abortion without shame, stigma, or undue barriers.

Take action to stop HB 1171 — call your Texas state rep and tell them to OPPOSE this bill. Click here to find the contact info for your state rep.

And here’s a script you can use when you make the call: 

My name is [XXXX] and I live in Rep. [XXXX]’s district. I am calling to urge the Representative to oppose House Bill 1171. HB 1171 allows a court to appoint an attorney ad litem or guardian ad litem to represent a fetus in judicial bypass hearing. HB 1171 violates the confidentiality of the judicial bypass process. This bill seeks to stigmatize the healthcare decisions of young people.  Again, I urge the representative to OPPOSE HB 1171. Thank you. 

And make sure to oppose HB 1171 on social media! Use the hashtag #TXDeservesBetter.