Last night we suffered a devastating blow in the fight against SB 8, the the 6-week abortion ban in Texas. The U.S. Supreme Court failed to act, allowing the law to take effect as of today. SB 8 will threaten the health and safety of millions of Texans, especially the young people Jane’s Due Process serves.

“I’m extremely disappointed with SB8 going into effect. This ban is going to create more fear and confusion for Texans seeking abortions. People are already overwhelmed  because of the pandemic and now they have to navigate another barrier when trying to access their abortions,” said HK Gray, a Jane’s Due Process advocacy fellow. 

We are heartbroken that the U.S. Supreme Court failed to recognize the irreparable damage their actions will have on people seeking abortion care in Texas. 

“The U.S. Supreme Court has failed to protect the right to abortion care by allowing SB 8 to go into effect. This law will make accessing an abortion incredibly difficult in Texas – and for some people, it will be impossible,” explains Rosann Mariappuram, Executive Director of Jane’s Due Process.

“The only purpose of this bill is to instill fear into those people who want and need to get an abortion and to try and get them to change their minds about getting one. This is another way of restricting access to those who need an abortion, and another component of control,” said Veronika Granado, another Jane’s Due Process advocacy fellow.

“Texans have the agency and power to choose what works best for them, and it’s heartbreaking to see Texas continue to complicate this process,” said HK. 

Jane’s Due Process will do everything we can to make sure young people in Texas get the resources they need to access care. Our hotlines will remain open and we will continue fighting for a world in which all people – especially young people – have reproductive freedom.

If you are under 18, in Texas, and seeking abortion support, contact us at 866-999-5263.