Hi, I’m Irma Garcia, client services manager at Jane’s Due Process.

We help young people exercise their reproductive health rights, and I make sure they are able to overcome whatever socioeconomic barrier they face to get their abortion. I also provide emotional support throughout their taxing journey and beyond. It’s my job to make navigating the systems that make this seem impossible just a little bit easier. In the past year, I’ve helped over 200 Janes access their reproductive rights, hosted sex-positive workshops in the community, and trained volunteers all around the state to be a part of the vast network of pro-choice warriors it takes to ensure that everyone has a shot at bodily autonomy. 

Above all, I’ve stood with each Jane every step of the way as they faced the many unnecessary barriers placed in front of them by their families and the state. I see first-hand the impact that our work has on the lives of young people in Texas, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me, too, to know that I’m able to be a voice of calm and support when their worlds are spinning. I hope you’ll consider supporting this work with me.