Hi! I’m Eleanor Grano, community outreach and youth engagement coordinator for Jane’s Due Process.

Young people are our future. I know, because I work with them every dayAs the community outreach and youth engagement coordinator for Jane’s Due Process, I support our former clients in becoming leaders in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement.

In the past year, I’ve watched our former clients testify in front of Congresspublish articles about their experiences in various media outlets, become a fact witness in judicial bypass lawsuit, shutdown internet trolls, raise awareness about self-managed abortion in their community, and even make anti-choice political staffers at the Texas legislature cry.


Most importantly, I have witnessed our client’s voices become centered in the conversation about abortion. They are raising awareness about judicial bypass in a way that is unprecedented, and they’re doing it in a way that reduces the shame, stigma, and secrecy that often surrounds youth reproductive rights.


I wanted to say thank you for making this work possible. In the new year, we’ll be hosting our first-ever journalism workshop for high school students. In this workshop, students will work with local journalists, educators, and health experts to write personal essays and op-ed pieces about their vision for how a sex-ed curriculum could better meet the needs of young people in Texas. We’re constantly developing new ways to elevate the voices of young people in their own communities to change the way people think about teens and reproductive rights.

I love doing this work — I love seeing the direct impact that building power with youth can have on the world.