Lubbock, Texas, is dubbed the “Hub City” because its position in West Texas brings many valuable resources to surrounding cities. Although Lubbock is the biggest city in the South Plains area, the area lacks resources for young teens seeking reproductive health and prior to last year, the city held no Title X clinic. These are some of the many reasons why we decided to house our repro kit program in Lubbock. Since 2021, we’ve been working with our volunteers in Lubbock to confidentially deliver free repro kits (which include emergency contraceptives, pregnancy tests, condoms, lube, and an info zine) directly to teens under 18. After a young person texts our hotline with a request, we make sure the kits get delivered discreetly to a safe address within 12-48 hours. While this system has served thousands in Lubbock, we always are looking to expand ways to get reproductive health products into the hands of teens. This is why we are so excited to announce our newest pick-up spot in Lubbock.

On July 7th, 2023, we started a new repro kit partnership with Rock-Paper-Shears Hair Studio and Gallery at 1103 Main Street in Lubbock. Young people will be able to get access to our free repro kits by heading to Rock-Paper-Shears and ringing their doorbell to ask for a kit. After ringing their doorbell, a trusted Rock-Paper-Shears staff member will go grab a repro kit, no questions asked. Now when Lubbock teens text our hotline looking for a kit, they will be given the option to pick up a kit in person or get one by drop off. This in-person pickup will be vital for people who need emergency contraceptives ASAP or for those in communities that surround Lubbock.

Rock-Paper-Shears is located in downtown Lubbock, only a 6-minute drive from Texas Tech University. Rock-Paper-Shears holds an ethereal, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. We hope this new pick-up location in the heart of Lubbock will provide easy access to teens in need of reproductive health. Thank you to the team at Rock-Paper-Shears for your partnership and dedication to making a safe space in Lubbock for teens seeking birth control access!