Do you…

  • Feel passionate about young people in Texas exercising their reproductive rights to abortion and birth control? 
  • Believe that we should repeal parental consent laws?
  • Think the abortion ban is absolute garbage? 
  • Feel better knowing that Jane’s Due Process distributes emergency contraception to young people in Lubbock, Bryan/College Station, and San Angelo? 
  • Love Jane’s Due Process? 

If so, join our 2023 Fund-a-Thon Committee! As a member of this committee, you will be helping raise funds and expand support for the fight for youth reproductive rights in Texas. Committee members:

  • Participate in Fund-a-Thon as fundraisers
  • Help recruit people to participate in Fund-a-Thon
  • Solicit donations of goods and services to be given away as prizes to participants to help motivate action
  • Put together regular emails to participants to motivate fundraising and keep them engaged
  • Support promotion of Fund-a-Thon via social media
  • Help thank participants and donors after Fund-a-Thon is complete

Handy skills include but are not limited to: 

  • The ability to network with pro-repro folks in your community to gather in-kind donations and solicit for sign ups
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Graphic design with Canva
  • Organizing experience
  • Comfortable being on camera or appearing in social media posts

And as with most things, a willingness to dive right in is always a plus. 

The external affairs team will work with the committee to support activities. The time commitment for Committee members is about 2 hours per week through the end of May, including regular committee meetings. And we have toolkits and technical assistance from NNAF, so you won’t be going it alone. 

If you would like to join Fund-a-Thon Committee or learn more before committing, contact Nan at or fill out this form.