For the first time in TWENTY YEARS, the Texas State Board of Education is revisiting the sex education curriculum. On Monday, June 29th, the Board heard over 15 hours of testimony on the recommendations made by experts — and folks from all across Texas showed up to speak out for comprehensive, medically accurate, and inclusive sex ed that covers topics like consent and affirmation of LGBTQ identities that are currently missing from the curriculum. Of the hundreds of speakers who testified, the majority were in favor of better sex ed — sex ed that affirms LGBTQIA experiences and identities, teaches about consent (not just refusal), provides more information about birth control and STI prevention, and doesn’t shame or stigmatize single-parent homes or young parents.

And Jane’s Due Process showed up and showed out alongside our allies in this fight! Check out some of the testimony videos from our youth advocates and staff:


Sahana is a high school sophomore in Austin who attended our Let’s Write About Sex workshop in February. What a rock star at her first public hearing!


Sammie is a JDP youth advocate who spoke in May at the rally hosted by the National Women’s Law Center for the current birth control access case being decided by the Supreme Court. Here she talks about what a difference learning about consent could have made for her and her peers in high school in Texas.



Irma is our client services manager. She’s also a trained sex educator. She’s spoken with thousands of Texas youth on our judicial bypass hotline.

Shout out to all everyone who showed up. We have a long way to go for truly kickass sex ed, but it’s powerful to know that so many Texans want information and support, not shame and stigma, and especially to hear so many young people advocate for their own sex ed needs.