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We are excited to share the launch our new campaign Stories from Jane starting next Thursday, August 13! Stories from Jane is a project to tell our allies, supporters, and the general public who Jane is.

As many of you already know, Jane has several stories. She is the college-bound-perfect-score-on-the-SAT smarty pants; she is the survivor of family violence and rape; she is the caretaker of her four younger siblings and sick mother; she is the full-time student with two jobs. Jane is all of these and more.

No matter her story, we want you to know her.

Stories from Jane is simple: every Thursday at 10:00 am we will release a new story from Jane. These will be real anecdotes from the young women who call us seeking help with their pregnancy. Stories from Jane will be written only by the people who work directly with Janes: hotline staff, volunteers, and attorneys. All stories will be honest and real firsthand accounts of Jane.

Movements have the strongest impact when real stories are linked to a cause—when people recognize that there are real lives affected by the issues at hand. This is why we are spreading the word about Jane and giving everybody the opportunity to put a face to our cause.

Through Stories from Jane, you will gain a better understanding of who you are helping when you volunteer, donate and support Jane’s Due Process.

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