Introducing our new podcast, Jane is Not a Virgin! This is a project completely created by our Jane’s Due Process Advocacy Fellows to share their experiences as young people fighting for their reproductive rights in Texas!

In this episode, you will meet Veronika, Anna, and HK! A group of badass Janes who were forced to navigate judicial bypass for abortion in Texas. This episode will explain the judicial bypass process and how HB 1515/SB 8, a bill that wants to ban abortion at six weeks and allow anyone to sue Texans for providing abortions or helping their loved ones access abortion care, will further harm young people seeking abortion care in the Lonestar state.

Listen online here, check it out on Spotify, or click here to download the episode! Need a transcript? We got you — click here for the pdf!

And if you’re in Texas, call your state representative RIGHT NOW and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 8 (the Senate version of HB 1515) being heard in the Texas House TORROW, May 5th! Click here for more info