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It’s time for Fund-a-Thon, and this year we’re trying something a little different: CRAFT-A-THON! This is your chance to help fund abortion and birth control access for Texas teens despite bans and barriers. 

The annual NNAF Fund-a-Thon harness the power of community to expand the fundraising power of abortion funds like Jane’s Due Process. When you participate, you tap into the potential of your network to raise both funds for and awareness about abortion access. You can help us build power for young Texans’ reproductive autonomy – plus it’s fun! This year we’re inviting participants to show off their craftiness to help raise $15,000, and at the end we’ll celebrate our success together during our Crafternoon event. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Put together your team: Ever heard the old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together?” Well we want to go far for Texas teens’ abortion and birth control access. Ask your pro-abortion besties to join you as a fundraising team. Teams can be any size. Bonus: you get to come up with a fun name for your team, too. 
  2. Set up your team on Classy: Once you’re ready to start a team, go to our fundraising platform, click “Register,” and select “Create a Team.” Once you’ve done that, your teammates can set up their own pages as members of your team. 
  3. Join a team: If your friend started a team and you want to join, click “Register” and then select “Join a Team” to create your fundraising page as part of their team. 
  4. Or fundraise as an individual: Going solo? Visit the fundraising platform, click “Register,” and select “As an Individual.” 
  5. Now it’s time to fundraise: Once you’re signed up, you’ll have a fundraising page where your friends and family can donate towards your Craft-a-Thon fundraising goal. Share your personalized link with them so they can show up for you and Jane’s Due Process. 

When setting up your fundraising page, you can edit the copy to personalize the story of why you’re fundraising for Jane’s Due Process. Let your community members know why you care so deeply about abortion and birth control access for young Texans. 

Fundraising lasts through May 31st, 2024.

But wait…what does crafting have to do with it? 

One way to take your fundraising to the next level is through your craft, whatever that may be. Do you draw? Consider sending a drawing to everyone who donates to your fundraising page! Are you in a band? Put together a benefit show! Have a Cricut? Get creative! And you don’t have to have an artsy craft. Your craft is whatever your talent might be. Do you bake? Like to plan parties? Write impressive emails? Craft-a-Thon is just an invitation to lean in to what makes you you and use that to inspire support for young Texans’ abortion access. 

Plus, towards the end of Craft-a-Thon, we’ll have a virtual Crafternoon event where we can all gather, chat, eat snacks, listen to jams, and work on any crafts our hearts desire. 

But even if you don’t feel crafty, you can still show up for young people’s abortion access despite bans and barriers by participating in Craft-a-Thon. All you really need is a fierce desire to make abortion and birth control more accessible for Texas teens. 

Questions? Email Nan at Ready to get started? Sign up here!