You may have seen folks talking about #FThon22 on social media and wondered, “What is that? And how do I join in?”

Well we have answers!

What Is Fund-a-Thon?

Every year, the National Network of Abortion Funds puts on Fund-a-Thon, a chance for member funds to engage supporters of abortion access in fundraising for our organizations. Folks put together fundraising teams and set up individual fundraising pages on the Fund-a-Thon site for their favorite abortion fund. Then they ask their friends, family members, coworkers, and community to donate to support abortion access. Then we celebrate our success together through virtual or in-person gatherings — more on that later in the post.

Last year was Jane’s Due Process’s first year engaging in Fund-a-Thon, and we raised almost $7,000 for Texas teens’ access to abortion and birth control. This year our goal is to raise $10,000 — and YOU can help us get there by signing up here to be a fundraiser

Why Fund-a-Thon?

Young people in Texas have long faced multiple barriers to abortion and birth control access, including parental consent laws. In 2021, Texas passed the 6-week abortion ban, adding yet another oppressive hurdle for Texas teens to navigate. Abortion funding is a way to help fight back against these attacks on access by providing the resources young folks need to exercise their reproductive rights. Despite all these seemingly insurmountable barriers, Jane’s Due Process continues providing support and information to teens about how to access abortion and birth control, and Fund-a-Thon is a way to be part of that work with us!

Getting Started

Getting started is easy!

  1. Go to the Jane’s Due Process Fund-a-Thon page.
  2. Using the “Register” button, set up your team page, join a team, or go solo — and then create your personal fundraising page. You can scroll to the bottom of the JDP Fund-a-Thon page to find teams and personal fundraising pages that already exist to see examples.
  3. Share the link to your personal fundraising page with everyone you know and tell them why they should support Jane’s Due Process!

Over the course of April and May we’ll be hosting in-person events in various Texas cities for anyone participating in Fund-a-Thon in those spots, and if you’re not down to get out and about yet or we aren’t coming to your town, don’t fret — we’ll host a virtual trivia event in late May via Zoom to celebrate your Fund-a-Thon successes.

Questions? Email Nan at!

Hope you’ll fund abortion and build power for young people in Texas with us!