Pregnancy Resources


Texas currently bans almost all abortion care. A person will need to travel out of Texas in order to get an abortion legally in another state.


Only you can decide to give your baby up for adoption. You CANNOT be forced by your parents, the baby’s father, or anyone else to place your baby up for adoption.


If you choose to become a parent, you are responsible for raising your child.

Birth Control

If you are having sex, using birth control (contraception) will significantly lower your chances of getting pregnant. At some clinics, you can get birth control without parental consent.

Staying in School

All young people in Texas have a right to a public school education. No matter what you decide to do with your pregnancy, you are allowed to stay in school and cannot be forced to attend a different school.

Health Care

If you are a minor (under 18), a parent or legal guardian must consent to medical treatment for you in most cases, but you have options. You can consent to all pregnancy-related health care except abortion.

Emergency Shelters

If you are in need of a safe place to stay, there are several emergency shelters for teens in Texas than can help you.

Abuse Resources

If you are experiencing dating or family violence, there are a number of hotlines and resources available.