2021 Legislative Priorities

These are the bills we’re watching during the 2021 Texas legislative session. If you want updates all session long about how to fight for youth reproductive rights, sign up here — especially if you’re a young person under the age of 18 in Texas and want to take action!

If you want to also track any of these bills, check out our blog post on how to track a bill. Links to each of the bills are included below.

Birth Control Access for Teens

HB 296: Teen parents consenting to birth control

Right now, Texans under 18 cannot consent to birth control — even if they already have a child. This bill would allow teen parents to consent to their own birth control. 

HB 835: Insurance coverage of youth birth control

Texans under 18 can receive health insurance under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This bill would have CHIP cover birth control for eligible teens in the program. 

SB 536: Teen parents consenting to birth control and postpartum care

This Senate bill would allow teen parents to consent to their own birth control as well as postpartum care. 

Expanding Access to Abortion

HB 1362: Rosie's Law

Texas prohibits public and private health insurance from covering abortion care. This bill — led by our abortion fund friends at Frontera Fund, Lilith Fund, and TEA Fund — would remove the bans and allow state insurance to cover abortion.

Improving Sex Education

HB 1038: Removing anti-LGBTQ language from state statute

Would remove unconstitutional language that still remains in Texas statute declaring homosexual conduct to be illegal, and would remove references to this language from requirements for sex education.

HB 972: Teaching healthy relationships

Would require education on healthy relationships for students enrolled in public schools.

Safe and Healthy Communities for All Young People

HB 320: Reinstating women's health advisory committee

The women’s health advisory commission’s was created to provide recommendations on the state’s women’s health programs and is to be comprised of health care providers from separate geographic areas of the state who have experience in operating women’s health programs.

HB 608: Assessing of pregnant or parenting youth placement in foster care

This bill would mandate a report on youth in the managing conservatorship of the department who are pregnant or who are parents. 

HB 492: Prohibits issuance of no-knock warrants

Relating to a prohibition on the issuance of a warrant authorizing the use of a no-knock entry by a peace officer.

HB 1262: Trauma-informed practices and police

Requiring education and training for peace officers regarding trauma-informed techniques to facilitate interactions with homeless individuals.

Barriers to Abortion and Birth Control

HB 1173: Bans local governments from covering logistical support for abortion access

In 2019 Austin City Council approved funding for logistical support for abortion access. This bill would ban this funding. 

HB 1171: Guardian ad litem for a fetus

This bill would allow for the appointment of an attorney ad litem or guardian ad litem to represent the fetus in judicial bypass cases.

SRJ 25: Constitutional amendment declaring personhood of fetuses

This constitutional amendment would ban abortion by declaring that life begins at fertilization.