How do I get a judicial bypass for abortion?

01. Call our free hotline at 1-866-999-5263

02. Find an abortion clinic in your area.

Can I use any clinic I want?

–Texas law requires that you complete your sonogram at the same clinic where you have your abortion. If you go to a clinic that does not offer abortions, you will be required to re-do your sonogram at the clinic where you will have your abortion. All qualified clinics are listed here.

03. Make two appointments:

–Pregnancy options counseling & sonogram (Texas law requires that this is done at least 24 hours BEFORE your abortion, unless you live more than 100 miles away from the closest clinic).
–Pregnancy termination

Why do I need to make an appointment for my abortion already?

–Appointments fill up quickly. If you have to cancel, that is OK.

04. Go to your counseling/sonogram appointment.

05. After your appointment, call us back.

06. We will assign you a lawyer. She/he will contact you to discuss your case and set up a time to go to court together.

07. Your lawyer will file your application for judicial bypass.

08. You and your lawyer will meet privately with the judge.

09. The judge will approve or disapprove your judicial bypass application within five business days.

10. Take your approved judicial bypass application & affidavit to the abortion clinic.

11. Have abortion.


If you live in Louisiana or need to get your abortion in Louisiana, visit the Louisiana Judicial Bypass Project to get help.





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